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Experience The Waves of Change of Orthodontics through an outstanding Congress Program showcasing international and national speakers. The Congress officially commences with a combined program for Doctors and Auxiliaries on Friday 9 March and continues with innovative and stimulating presentations before the Auxiliary program concludes on Sunday 11 March and the Doctors program concludes on Monday 12 March.

A reminder that Monday 12 March coincides with a public holiday in ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

To view the full preliminary program please see below.

Doctors Program

Auxiliary Program

CHAIR DR Anél Blignaut

An integral part of every orthodontic practice is its auxiliary staff. Without them any orthodontic practice would cease to exist as doctors rely heavily on the support and knowledge that their staff contribute on a daily basis.

So it I take great pleasure to introduce the 2018 Auxiliary Programme. For the auxiliary program in 2018 the different categories of auxiliaries have been taken into account and a program has been developed to cover a wide variety of topics ranging from customer service to chair side assisting tips.

On the first day the auxiliary staff will be attending lectures with the doctors. This will give everyone a chance to appreciate the scale of one of these congresses. On the second day all the auxiliaries will be attending lectures together to learn about working together in a practice across all categories. The final day will see the auxiliaries split into two groups, a clinical group and an admin group so that they can focus more on their specific tasks at hand. They are off course welcome to switch between lecture halls, as we know that all staff are not always purely dedicated to one category.

As an added bonus there will be a scientific day preceding the conference for oral hygienists to focus more on new technologies and advances in the orthodontic field. Again, everyone is welcome to attend this day if it looks like something of interest.

The ASO Congress is a magnificent biennial event where colleagues come together to learn about advances in orthodontics, swop ideas, feed of each others passion for the profession and to mingle with their peers.

We hope that you will find it an exciting and inspirational few days and that you will go back to your practice with renewed enthusiam and some great ideas.

Dr. Anél Blignaut
Chair of Auxiliary Program


Postgraduate Day

Date: Wednesday 7 March 2018
Venue: ICC Sydney

Registration information will be distributed once available. Please contact the Congress Office for more information.

Auxiliary Pre Congress Workshop

Date: Thursday 8 March 2018
Venue: ICC Sydney

Industry Workshops

Date: Thursday 8 March 2018
Venue: ICC Sydney

On Thursday 8 March 2017, a number of workshops will be conducted by our industry supporters at the ICC. The workshops will offer a chance to meet and engage with leading speakers and industry leaders and examine key issues and topics. Single session, half day or full day programs will be offered. Details of the workshops, presenters, content and costs can be found here. 


I am pleased to introduce the 2018 ASO Scientific Program. The program has changes in format and focus. It will directly engage the audience with technologies allowing increased interaction between the speaker and the audience.

Industry Workshops
The Industry Workshops have been developed in conjunction with David Mastrioanni and our valued industry supporters. The aim is to have small groups exposed to sessions of various lengths with specific areas of the trade. It may be scanners, aligners or computer custom bent wires. This is a new way of interacting at Congress for Doctors and Auxiliaries and we hope it allows a deeper knowledge of new techniques to increase your skills.

Locals and Forums
I know Australian orthodontics has world class experts and they know our particular circumstances. The opportunity to present and develop our local talent is vital. There is a strong contingent of locals presenting lectures and chairing forums. We will have questions or forums every day.

Introducing our overseas speakers
Joe Antoun, Junji Sugawara, and Rungrat Komolpis will present cutting edge material from our region and Willy Dayan, Jonathan Sandler and Alison Murray will have material from the USA and England.
Our practices need systems that work for us and some will be presented by Rosemary Bray, Andrea Cook and Prime Practice, all these are designed to help us in our businesses. However, systems which can be designed with care using well trained and well intentioned staff can sometimes enable catastrophe and Stavros Prineas will explain this phenomenon and ways to reduce risk and increase quality, this may truly save your skin! They will be easy to listen to yet vital to our wellbeing. Russel Kift and Theo Baisi have provided a valuable sounding board for me in developing the program.

The thinking of our current publications should be changing. Statistical significance is often an illusion of truth from a binary world that statisticians know is horribly flawed. There are better ways to see the data and its inferences which yields vastly richer information. Our local communicator, Geoff Cumming presents an accessible ‘real world’ vision on doing statistics better. Geoff has written the book on ‘The New Statistics’ and how it is really about thinking differently not just which formula you use.

Final day
The final day finishes early afternoon but it is also packed with fireworks like Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve! All presentations are intentionally very strong with ‘next day’ usability. The Congress finishes with a forum of controversial topics conducted by Jonathan Sandler and Alison Murray, another outstanding panel, great material and audience input, not to be missed.

Auxiliary program
Anél Blignaut has recognised there are many categories of Auxiliaries – Reception, Practice Managers, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Nurses and she has developed a broad program that I am sure will hold the interest of the Auxiliaries as well as some of the Doctors, my staff have a couple of sessions pencilled in for me to attend.

See you in Sydney!
With interaction, forums, small group learning and a diversity of valuable subjects we have moulded a program intended to engage and hold the interest of you and your staff from ‘welcome to see you next time!’

Mark Cordato
Scientific Program Chair


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