The following workshops will be held on Thursday 8 March at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. These workshops are not included in the registration category and tickets can be purchased via the online form.


– you will be able to attend the whole day of sessions $95
– you will be able to nominate to attend two sessions either in the morning or afternoon

Speaking of Digital – suresmile ANZ

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: All day workshops 

There’s no better chance to learn about the cutting edge of the digital practice than these Technology Day Workshops—from superior case documentation to the keys to integrating digital technology in practice to insight in how new technologies are changing the future of orthodontics forever.

Don’t miss these very special opportunities to see things digitally. We welcome all Doctors and Staff to attend. Download the full synopsis here.

Presenters: Chuck Abraham, Dr Manish Lamichane,  Dr Nour Tarraf, Dr Alex Yusupov , Dr. Paul Dever, Dr Chris Wholley.

topsfest down under 2018 – tops

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 0800 – 1700hrs

topsFest Down Under 2018 is a day long event totally designed for you to get the most out of topsOrtho™ ! We’ve got the day well planned with classes, updates, and more! Please join tops’ CEO and founder, Dr. Mark Sanchez; Certified tops Instructor, Linda Short; and our tops Support, Rhiannon Menze.

Making Waves in 2018. An Innovation Preview – Ormco Digital

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 0900 – 1230hrs

The Ormco Digital portfolio will be making some exciting changes in 2018. This workshop will introduce a select number of these and illustrate how they can help you further deliver great orthodontic outcomes. A number of challenging case studies will be examined to highlight the impact of these innovations. We will also look at some long awaited upcoming product releases focused on broadening our Digital orthodontic offering.

Presenter: Ashley Smith & Chris Turnock

Carestream Dental CS OrthoTrac Version 14.0 – Carestream Dental 

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 1100 – 1230hrs

CS OrthoTrac v14.0 is a major release created in collaboration with Orthodontists, orthodontic team members, trainers, and other experts, Carestream Dental has updated the clinical framework for all users.

Join Susan Whitt, for a dive into the redesigned treatment card user interface. Be among the first to see the exciting advances designed to streamline the entire chairside workflow including universal aligner tracking and a preview of the most recent panorex. We will also review the other improvements in the software and how to utilize the stand alone light bar in your practice.

Carestream Dental provides industry-leading dental imaging equipment, CAD/CAM, software and practice management solutions.
Carestream Dental products are used by seven out of 10 practitioners globally and deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. Attendees will receive priority shipment of CS OrthoTrac Version 14.0

Treating Complex Cases with Clear Aligners – Clear Correct

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 1100 – 1230hrs

The time has come for all dentists to be aware that clear aligners have the capability to treat the full spectrum of comprehensive, complex orthodontic malocclusions, but not all dentists have the experience and training necessary to accomplish optimum results with the most difficult cases. This workshop will introduce the attendees to how to determine the degree of difficulty in a case, and what clear aligner skills are required to successfully treat these patients.

Presenter: Dr. Ken Fischer

Incognito™ Appliance System & Class II Treatment – 3M

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 1330 – 1500hrs

3M and Incognito™ invites you to join Dr Steve Stramotas (Specialist Lingual Orthodontist) present on the Incognito™ Lingual Appliance System.

Dr Stramotas has been practicing lingual orthodontics for the past 20 years. He was appointed as the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and ANZ speaker for the Incognito Appliance in 2012 and has lectured at numerous national and international meetings. He is also an honorary lecturer at the University of Sydney since 2000 and is involved in teaching the ‘lingual program’ at Sydney University. He is in private practice in Sydney and a large percentage of his practice focuses on treating adult and adolescent patients’ using ‘Invisible appliances’

Dr Stramotas also regularly attends international Incognito workshop meetings, plays an integral part in the Incognito certification courses as well as running our continued education User meetings, lecturing on the Incognito ‘Lingual’ System at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Presenter: Dr Steve Stramotas

Intergrating Digital Orthodontics into your practice – AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 1330 – 1500hrs

Technological advances continue to improve our lives. It helps our education, our

safety, it keeps us connected to each other and its fun! Consider your latest smartphone or laptop, we had to understand the technology. Not only did we learn new functions, we then learnt some shortcuts and efficient ways to use the technology. After going through these initial learning phases we have mastered the technology and we are now using it without thought. Digital Orthodontics is no different.

While introducing newer methods into the workplace can seem daunting sometimes, with perseverance and motivation not only can orthodontists save time and money with the use of digital orthodontic practices, but processes are more efficient and treatments are more effective not to mention fun for both employees and importantly patients.

Presenter: Ari Scaccia

A practice guide to successful treatment of teenage patients with the Invisalign System – Invisalign Australia

Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 1530 – 1630hrs

In this session Dr Miles will provide insights into achieving clinical success when using the Invisalign® System to treat your teen patients. This comprehensive lecture will cover all steps of the treatment journey: patient and parent communications, diagnostic considerations, ClinCheck® treatment planning, incorporation of auxiliaries, and tips for monitoring and compliance. Dr Miles will showcase a variety of clinical conditions which highlight the spectrum of teen patients that can be effectively treated with Invisalign aligners including factors affecting the treatment complexity and anticipated treatment time. There will also be Q&A time at the end of this session with Dr Miles.

Presenter: Dr Peter Miles


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