Dr Paul Taylor has been in private practice in Orthodontics in Sydney for 37 years. He has worked mainly at Mosman but has also worked at a country practice in Orange and a city practice in Macquarie St. Almost from the beginning he worked in surgical teams that involved working with both Plastic Surgeons , Oral Surgeons and more recently Facio Maxillary Surgeons. During most of those years he taught Masters students in Orthodntics at Sydney University. His teaching was based on the many lessons learnt from treating those who needed surgery. 

Surgical / Orthodontics has been a kind of sub specialty for Paul and he and his partner Stephen Duncan have worked together always trying to find ways to get better results and reduce the trauma involved for patients undergoing such major work. In 2005 a major change in technique occurred occurred as a result of hearing Professor Sugawara talk about his work involving SURGICAL ANCHOR PLATES. 

Since that time Paul and Stephen have treated many cases with SURGICAL ANCHOR PLATES and will be reporting on the long term results of patients treated in this way. They have also combined the use of anchor plate system with SURGICALLY ASSISTED RAPID MAXILLARY EXPANSION. This combination has opened new exciting possibilities  which will also be explored.