Rosemary Bray, spent more than 30 years employed in the dental profession,  both in clinical and administrative roles, with experience in general dentistry, periodontics and her last 19 years in Orthodontics, all in San Diego.

She left her Orthodontic practice in late 1998 to begin self-employment as a speaker and consultant in Orthodontics and Dentistry and she is now proudly celebrating her 49th anniversary in teeth! 

She has lectured on every continent except Antarctica, on behalf of the AAO, most Orthodontic companies, numerous state and local dental societies, Ortho and dental study groups and for her own workshops and seminars. She headed up the very popular annual Ortho Camp seminars on the beaches of Mexico which came to a happy conclusion last year in Cancun after 12 successful years.  

She was very honored to have been the Staff Program Chair for the AAO Annual Session in Chicago in 2011 and has been an AAO speaker for over 24 consecutive years. She has spoken Down Under at the ASO numerous times and is honored to return to Australia one final time.

TEETH have taken her around the world to teach. She has truly
“Been There and Done That” in her Orthodontic and Dental Career.